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Many types of injury can occur when you are on another person’s business or personal property. Common injuries in businesses and homes are “trip and fall” accidents, in which a dark stairwell, poorly maintained walkway, slippery leak or spill, or other hazard leads to serious injury for a customer or visitor.

Dog bites are another common occurrence on the property of others. Though dogs and some other animals make fine pets, an uncontrolled or unrestrained animal can inflict devastating injuries.

Many victims of such injuries are unaware of their rights in these situations. In most cases, a property owner has a responsibility to provide reasonable safeguards for people who are on his or her property legally, such as visitors invited to a home or customers at a business.

This responsibility is called “premises liability,” and is a highly complex area of the law. You should also be aware that premises liability does not mean the visitor has no responsibility to be reasonably careful. In the midst of all this complexity, your questions are straightforward:
“What are my rights?”
“What is fair compensation for my injuries?”

Trey Underwood has extensive experience in premises liability law, and can help guide you through the legal maze to reach a fair settlement for injuries you received while on another person’s property or present your case to a judge or jury in the event that a fair settlement can’t be reached.

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