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The death of a family member or loved one is perhaps the most tragic and devastating of all personal injuries. These terrible incidents affect entire families both financially and emotionally, and the effects may be felt long after the event occurs.

When a person loses his or her life through someone else’s recklessness, negligence, or even a deliberate act, that person’s family may have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit. A wrongful death can occur as a result of a variety of circumstances: medical malpractice, an automobile accident, a work-related death, or even a death caused during the commission of a crime.

A wrongful death can place tremendous burdens on the family, including:

A wrongful death lawsuit can help families receive compensation for these effects. However, Georgia law limits who can file a wrongful death lawsuit, and under what circumstances. Our experience and thorough familiarity with Georgia wrongful death law means that the Law Offices of William F. Underwood can help make sure you receive the compensation due to your family, and the justice that the situation demands.

No amount of money can compensate for the death of a family member. And though we will fight to make sure you receive the financial compensation due to your family, ultimately we fight for justice. It is our belief that when justice is done, it can be more valuable in bringing comfort and closure to families who have experienced these losses than compensation alone.

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