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Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Albany, Georgia

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Albany, Georgia

The inability to work due to a job-related injury can be frustrating, and can cause financial pressures to mount quickly. What’s even worse is that workers’ compensation cases sometimes become adversarial, as the interests of the injured worker come into conflict with the employer’s interests.

Workers’ compensation is intended to help employees who are injured or hurt on the job.

Workers’ compensation is a system of protections formed by law that will provide benefits for any employee suffering from illness, injury, or even death, if the employee was injured or harmed on the job. If the worker died as a result of the injuries received, the benefits will be extended to the dependents of the worker. Workers’ compensation coverage begins on the first day the employee working for the company insured by workers’ compensation insurance. An employer that has three or more employees must give coverage to those employees, as mandated by state law. The benefits of workers’ compensation insurance cover the employee from any harm, injury, or illness that stems from hours the employee was working for the company. Normally, accidents and injuries that happened on the employee’s travel to or from work are not covered, as well as any injury occurring from a job not assigned to the employee.

Should an injury occur on the job, report it immediately to the employer. Your employer can then inform the insurance provider of the accident. This means that you will be responsible for getting and completing any relevant forms and paperwork on the injury. When filling out the paperwork, describe your injury in explicit detail, providing as many specifics about the injury as possible. Should there be any witnesses to your injury, tell the employer that someone saw the accident. The sooner you have informed the employer, the sooner the process of receiving your benefits will occur. Should you be incapable or unable to file a report of the accident with your employer, you will receive emergency medical services and the report will likely to made for you. If witnesses are reporting the accident for you, the description of the injuries should be done with specific detail and given to the company as quickly as possible. It will be the responsibility of your employer to examine the situation involving your injury, such as how it occurred. If alcohol, drugs, or willful misconduct on the part of the employee took place, benefits for workers’ compensation are not likely to be provided. This is not the same as an injury caused by hasty or inattentive work. Injuries received from working too quickly for the conditions of the job site or for not pay attention to the surroundings of the job site are normally covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

The workers’ compensation insurance will be the sole method of compensation the injured worker will receive. The worker will be unable, in most cases, to gain additional damages from the employer or the company; however, allowances for a third-party claim do exist. This means that if someone else was involved in the accident and participate in causing the injuries, they can also be held accountable for the damages of the injured worker.

There are several ways, in which, an injured worker can harm themselves as far as receiving benefits are concerned. The main way a claim can be jeopardized is by not reporting the injury immediately; however, the following ways can also negatively affect the ability to get benefits:

  • Not giving cooperation to the employer or a doctor that has been authorized to administer medical treatment, evaluations, therapy, or an investigation of the claim filed;
  • Doing work for another company while taking Temporary Total Disability Benefits;
  • Rejection of a return to appropriate work;
  • The filing of an erroneous claim or the giving of false information;
  • Unwillingness to submit to drug testing.

By getting in touch with a reparation lawyer you’ll be able to discover precisely what you have a right to gain from benefits provided by workers’ compensation insurance. Retaining a workers’ payment lawyer to aid you with your claim from the start is a sensible decision that will guide you get through what can be a very arduous procedure. Your workers’ compensation attorney will enable you to know that workers’ compensation insurance should provide coverage for in regards to prescription meds, lost wages, the cost of travel for visits to your doctors, and any other treatments associated with your full recovery. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney will be able to help you construct your case along with negotiate with the insurance policy provider. Workers’ compensation claims present many facets and can be filled with intricacies difficult to know unless you are experienced in Workers’ Compensation law. Do not hesitate to contact our office if you have been injured at work or have contracted an illness related to work you have done. We will help protect you and your rights, as you try to return to a normal life. Dealing with an injury or illness is difficult enough; let us handle the rest.

A superior understanding of Georgia’s complex Workers’ Compensation laws and experience overcoming the challenges and obstacles from large insurance companies are the tools we use to assert your rights and protect your interests. Whether your claim is related to a repetitive-use injury or a work-related accident, you need an experienced ally to ensure the short term and long term effects are being properly evaluated, you are being justly reimbursed for lost wages, and are receiving the medical treatment you need.

Call on us if you have any concerns about the following:

  • Medical benefits being denied to you by your employer;
  • You are no longer able to perform the job you held prior to your injury;
  • You have questions or do not understand how the workers’ compensation process works;
  • You have lost the ability to work any job;
  • You feel you are not receiving all the benefits that may be available to you;
  • The severity of your injury and the long-term consequences.

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